Condor and Eagle Projects

Carnarvon was awarded the AC/P62 (Condor) permit in November 2017 and the AC/P63 (Eagle) permit in February 2018, both located within the Vulcan Subbasin. Carnarvon identified the opportunity to secure these assets whilst developing its extensive regional database across the North-West Shelf of Australia.

The Vulcan Sub-basin is a proven and prolific region within the greater Bonaparte Basin, containing numerous oil and gas fields. The acquisition of brand new MC3D Cygnus PSDM seismic data has been instrumental for the basin, which has historically been hampered by poor quality vintage data.

With considerable assistance from the improved data, Carnarvon has identified several exciting prospects across the Condor and Eagle projects. Within the Condor project, four substantially sized Late Permian carbonate reef prospects have been identified, a new play type for the North-West Shelf of Australia. Of the four prospects, Moa is the preferred target at 132 square kilometres and 350m relief with access to two source kitchens and hosts seismic evidence for porosity enhancement. The additional Permian prospects, Pterosaur, Kelenken and Titanis are also substantially sized and provide significant running room with all three prospects sitting in jack-up water depths.